Where to Stay

Finding a good hotel can be tricky. So here are some of our favorite hotels nearby event location


Ipanema Hotel

From 94€ per night

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Special Reservation

Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

From 224€ per night

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The Yeatman Hotel

From 335€ per night

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Hollyday inn Porto Gaia

Alternavive Hotels




Bessa Hotel

Where to Eat

Finding a good place to eat can also be tricky. So here are some of great restaurants near by the event.

Enjoy the stay and our incredible gastronomy.

Praceta Restaurant

Abadia restaurant

Abadia Restaurant

Casa Aleixo Restaurant


Baco Come Restaurant

Alternavive Restaurants


Taberna do Xisto


Forno Velho Restaurant

How to get to Porto

Arriving to a new city can be challenging. So here are some ways to move in this city.


One of the options available to reach the center of the city is the subway.  If you have luggage that is easy to transport, perhaps this is the best option.  Due to the easy access at the airport, the journey to the city center takes only 30 minutes.

You have several subway card options:

Daily ticket
Andante tour for 1 day
Andante tour for 3 days

They can be used during the period, in all public transport, as many times as necessary.

The Andante Tour 24 hour ticket costs 7 euros and the 72 hours ticket costs 15 euros



The distance between Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport and Alfândega do Porto is approx. 17.36 km with 23 min travel time.

Price: € 13-18 €



Taxis circulate 24 hours throughout the city, being available in taxi places. If you prefer, you can contact them by phone.

As a rule, they carry up to 4 passengers, although you can request a larger car by phone. In addition to the amount associated with the distance, when the route includes tolls, this value is added to the total of the trip to be paid by the passenger.

T .: +351 220 997 336

Price: 21 euros but varies according to traffic

Transfer Schedule

Pickup point: Hotel HF Ipanema Porto – Europarque


Thursday 25th October
12h00 Hotel HF Ipanema Porto
20H30 (8h30pm) Europarque



Friday 26th October
07h45 Hotel HF Ipanema Porto
20h30 (8h30pm) Europarque



Saturday 27th October
07h45 Hotel HF Ipanema Porto
20h30 (8h30pm) Europarque


Gala dinner and party:

It ill take place at 26th October 9h30 pm at the restaurant BH Foz.

You can register for a special price of 35 Euros. It will be a great oportunity to relax and socialize.


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EUROPARQUE, Rua Interior do Europarque
4520-153 Santa Maria da Feira

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